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Data Scientist | Amsterdam | Start-up | 70-80K | Eng. Speakers

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Beschrijving baan

The company

This start-up focuses itself on the fast growing and progressive innovative business in the mobility, energy and public services sector. This start-up is the showpiece of a larger brand that is investing a lot into this innovative Data driven start-up. That is why the company is investing big not only this start-up but also heavily in you. You will work in an inspiring environment in Amsterdam, where innovation and collaboration with other start-ups is encouraged.

The(international) mother company plays a key role in developing solutions for the mobility, energy and public services sector. For example, they made an app for one of the largest airports of the world. In this project, they made a staffing schedule for the front office. The problem was that de schedule was not made on variations like, holidays, number of airplanes going out and coming in, weather, direction of wind (and the number of planes that could be handled on those airstrips), handling time of customs etc. The solution was to cluster all these variations with one outcome. The airport would know, how many people were ideal for the front office and thus how many people they had to schedule. These kind of solutions can now be used for similar situations, for example hospitals.

The Position

As lead you will co-run a new branch, you will have a mayor mark on the direction this start-up is going. The approach is that of innovation, creativity, thinking out of the box, solutions and curiosity. All in a Data driven environment. You and your team will work of different projects, concerning topics in the mobility, energy and public services sector. As the Lead you will be responsible not only for a new team but also for generating new business for your branch. You will work close with the Business Development Manager to generate this new business, together with the Business Development Manager you will think of solutions your company can offer, ideally with a recurring solution that can be used for multiple other clients. In other words; you will be the pivot between the client and its needs and co responsible for the technical solution your team can offer.

As the new Lead you will work close with the Business Development Manager, in the end of 2022 the goals is to have four team members extra.

Tasks in short:

Translate client needs into concrete and achievable solutions;

Setting goals for the start-up and clients;

Acquire knowledge about innovations in your expertise and branch. By attending meetups, trainings and seminars. So you are fully informed in the latest developments and technologies;

Guiding colleagues;

Wat wij vragen

  • Medior+, Senior or Lead level experience as a Data Scientist;

  • Any experience in the mobility, energy and public services sector;

  • Commercial mindset;

  • Master educated in relevant direction, with a mathematical background;

  • Experience in Machine Learning, Algorithms and visualisation;

  • Software development experience in one or more; R, Python. You will not be responsible to apps;

  • Perfect in the English and Dutch language required;

Wat wij bieden

• Be there from the start, large responsibilities in the direction of the start-up;
• Work in an inspiring environment in Amsterdam;
• working abroad possible;
• State of the art Data projects in the mobility, energy and public services sector;
• Good salary 70-80K;
• Car, laptop, Phone;
• Personal development;
• Very good secondary conditions (Full pension);

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